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Our aim to to provide great beer with personalised service.  And to be a bit cheeky. 

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Our first cab off the rank is Fresh As A Daisy Pale Ale, a fruity, aromatic, easy drinking pale ale for any time, anywhere.  Find it in Castlemaine bottle shops, pubs  and further afield as we grow....

Old Slang Fresh As A Daisy Pale Ale.  

It's as flash as a rat with a gold tooth.

Our Philosophy

We wanna tap into those old sayings that your Mum and Dad used to say.  She'll be right.... In like Flynn.. Its fresh as a daisy. And we want younger generations (who are of age, obviously) and those who didn't necessarily grow up with these sayings, to know what they are and use them. They're Australian sayings for everyone, and this is Beer for Everyone.

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